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Top 5 Rum shops in Barbados

Posted On Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Top 5 Rum shops in Barbados

1. John Moore's Bar - Lower Carlton, St. James

John Moore Bar is an authentic rum shop attached to a family chattel house, Beautifully set along the West Coast waterfront. The fish is excellent, especially when washed down with rum! 

Lemon Arbour bar

2. Lemon Arbor/The Village Bar - Lemon Arbour Village, St.John

Lemon Arbour has grown in popularity and layout over the years, but it has some of the best fried pork, pudding souse and pickled sea cat on the island! The patio has spectacular views over the countryside. It gets especially busy on a Saturday, so it would be best to go early to secure a table.

 Martin's Bay

3. Bay Tavern - Martin’s Bay, St.John

This little spot is right on the water and though it is quite far from the hustle and bustle of the South and West coast, it is worth the drive! Known simply as ‘Martin’s Bay’, this rum shop is the perfect lunch stop on an island tour.

Country View Bar


4.Country View Bar - Market Hill, St.George

Perfect countryside place to retreat, put your feet up and relax, offers an imposing view of the country all the way out to the sea and horizon. You can stop in during the day or visit during one of the karaoke evenings.

 Ju Jus

5. Ju Ju’s - Mount Standfast, St.James

Part rum shop, part beach bar, Ju Ju’s is a favourite amongst visitors and locals alike. Lovely spot for a day of Rum punch and lunch on one of the nicest beaches in Barbados.